You most likely reading this because you care about taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you was just randomly searching and you ended up on this site. Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here.

Continue reading some more about down below, including what I do, what drives my passion to help people just like you, and how I can help you make an important difference in your health and wellbeing. 


My name is Alaldin, The personal trainer and lifestyle coach at AlaldinPT. I coached many different clients of diverse backgrounds from all over the world, regardless of where I have gone everyone has one important thing in common. We all including myself wish to live healthy and happier lives. And if you are ready to take that first step towards developing a healthier and happier lifestyle, then your are at the right place to start your journey

When I was growing up, I lived for sports and fitness. But only when I went through my own weight loss journey had I realize the true value of health and wellness. This has help drive my passion for my favorite thing in life, Health and fitness. I personally love learning and have studied many different certifications, and I would love to share that knowledge with you. I run a blog on ideafit site where you can discover more about your health, how your body works, and the connection between body, mind and soul, how these key elements can make a difference in your everyday life.

Whilst I’ve had almost a decade in the health and fitness industry. I realized that personal training was only part of a far bigger puzzle in our health and lifestyle. It drove me crazy to see people going to the gym and performing the same old exercise routine, day in day out. What was evening crazier was the fact that they had gotten nowhere with it. I really began to feel for these people who was repeating the same thing with no results, I believe it was Einstein who said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?

One of the most important elements of your health which a lot of gyms and personal trainers don’t take into account or either end up giving basic or misguided information is nutrition. Never mind the mind-body connection because that’s almost always ignored completely!! As sad as it maybe, you most often won’t get the results you are looking for with many health clubs and gyms.

Believe it or not, there is more to your health and wellness than just benching the heaviest weight and doing endless amount of cardio on a treadmill. And that’s why I started AlaldinPT, to help people like yourself achieve real results with your physical health and make the right lifestyle changes that really matter to you and your family.

Now I been told by many people to start my own gym, but that would limit how many people I can reach that way and help them achieve there results. But with AlaldinPT, it really doesn’t matter if you are living in London, Vancouver, New York, Dubai, or anywhere else for that matter. You can still use the methods and techniques here to improve all aspects of your health and lifestyle.

Help yourself, take a look around the site, read a few blog articles, and see what I have to offer. The methods and systems used have been extensively tested and are proven to provide results and make a difference in the lives of those who are committed enough to implement.

What I am simply saying is that I know AlaldinPT can help you achieve your health and wellness results in your life. 


Wishing you all the health and wealth                                            


Aladin Benissa CFT, CPT